Running Log: 04/02/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 3.17 miles 30:17 09:32 Downtown Sunny, 72° Brooks Ravenna 10 For whatever reason this 5k felt shorter than usual, even though, if anything, I was a little slow. I was actually surprised to not see a 10:-- split here. To my credit, this was a Run Club run, [...]

Weekly Recap

March 18 - 24 Out of kindness to myself, I'm changing the name of these "Sunday Recaps" to "Weekly Recaps," as this is now the second week that this recap has come not on Sunday. Sundays tend to be big days for me--it's my long run day, and the day of the weekend I'm mostly [...]

Running Log: 03/20/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 2 miles 16:41 08:15 West Ashley Cloudy, 53° Nike EXP-X14 Two miles worth of intervals just around my apartment complex parking lot this afternoon right after I got off work. Three minutes running, two minutes sprinting, one minute walking, repeat. I felt more tired on this run than [...]

Running Log 03/17/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 5 miles 48:18 09:38 West Ashley Overcast, 58° Nike EXP-X14 This was a fun run! Lauren and I went out to West Ashley Park and made five miles out of a few loops around a neighborhood and West Ashley High School. (Living out here has made me very [...]

Running Log 03/16/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 3.21 miles 27:50 08:40 West Ashley Overcast, 68° Nike EXP-X14 Y'all. This run. This day. I got four (FOUR) PRs during this run. 1k effort (4:54) 1 mile effort (8:08) 2 mile effort (16:55) 5k effort (26:47) My average pace for this run was 8:40. My all-time average [...]