Prompt 3: Lightning Twice

I hope y'all enjoyed the last prompt, Uber Lost & Found. Be on the lookout for tomorrow's weekly recap to see how it went for me and what other's said about it. Since the last one was so specific, this week I'd like to revisit a prompt from one of my college poetry classes. It [...]

Sunday Recap

March 11 – March 17 tl;dr: In one of my many efforts to keep myself accountable, welcome to my Sunday Recap, where I look back on the progress I made toward my goals during the week. This was a considerably better week than last week. Still very busy and working hard, but, with my plan, still managed [...]

Prompt 2: Uber Lost and Found

Let's workshop! I hope y'all enjoyed my last prompt for International Women's Day; all of the responses I got were so good and fun. As always, if you like this next prompt and you'd like to get your draft critiqued, feel free to email it to and we can swap drafts for some mutual [...]

Yesterday 03/11: National Women’s Day Prompt Response Due

Last week I did a special prompt for National Women's Day, with a deadline to have a full draft (either six hundred words or less for prose, or thirty lines or fewer for poetry) completed by yesterday, Monday the 11th. Thank you to everyone who did this with me and who submitted responses! I think [...]

Special Prompt: International Women’s Day

While my next official prompt wasn't planned to go up until the fifteenth, I wanted to do an special extra prompt this week for International Women's Day. Anyone, of course, is welcome to work from this prompt, no matter how you identify (for the record: she/her for me, please). And, because women contain multitudes, I'm [...]

I’m Going To …

tl;dr: These are my writing, reading, and running goals for the remainder of 2019. Note: This post isn't titled "I'm Going to Try to ..." There are plenty of articles and blogs on this already, so I won't bore you with it too much (this is probably a lie; I'm sure this topic will get [...]

Today: Prompt 1 Deadline and Results

Today is the last day to complete a full draft of a prose piece six hundred words or less, or a poem of thirty lines or less, in response to prompt 1: The Death Tarot Card and Writing About Endings. If you did get a draft out of this exercise, feel free to email it [...]

Prompt 1: The Death Tarot Card and Writing About Endings

Let's workshop! I know not everyone likes writing prompts, and I know some people have a hard time getting started without them. I fall into the latter camp. It's not that I can't write without a prompt, but I find that working within the specific frame of a prompt forces me to more carefully use [...]