Running Log: 04/11/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 4.05 miles 38:12 09:25 Downtown Sunny, 76° Nike EXP-X14 This was probably the first truly hot run of the summer season. I was comfortable enough in my shorts and t-shirt, but did wish I had a tank top on instead. Not to mention my running belt broke last [...]

Running Log 03/08/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 4.12 miles 39:10 09:30 West Ashley Sunny, 70° Brooks Ravenna 10 I was really excited for this run, even though I had to run in West Ashley (which, as I've mentioned before, is perhaps the least runner-friendly place). I haven't run more than three miles at once since [...]

I Ran a Marathon …

tl;dr: I ran a marathon. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. I made mistakes, and often. But I worked hard at it. I finished with a time of five hours and eight minutes. Keep reading for a more in-depth recap, and click here to read part two of this post: "... Now What?" There [...]