Got Over It: Bridge Run 10k 2019

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 6.29 miles 59:35 09:28 Mt.P to Downtown Cloudy, 69° Brooks Ravenna 10 Finally, the bridge run! Sorry for the crappy picture quality--this was the best image of me (I'm in the pink shorts with the white hat behind the guy in all gray) from the event. Every year [...]

Running Log: 03/28/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 4 miles 37:47 09:26 Downtown Sunny, 67° Nike EXP-X14 To be honest, I'm a week late getting this run log up. It takes enough time out of my day finding the time to actually run, much less do these full logs in addition to all my other goals [...]

Weekly Recap

March 25 -29 To be honest, this week sucked. I haven't been as anxious and disoriented in a while. Well, I'm always anxious, but it's been building to a peak the past couple weeks. I'm working on it, but man does it make it hard to do things, even things I enjoy doing. I did [...]

Prompt 3: Lightning Twice

I hope y'all enjoyed the last prompt, Uber Lost & Found. Be on the lookout for tomorrow's weekly recap to see how it went for me and what other's said about it. Since the last one was so specific, this week I'd like to revisit a prompt from one of my college poetry classes. It [...]

Running Log 03/26/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 3.01 miles 28:12 09:22 Downtown Sunny, 66° Nike EXP-X14 Three miles with Run Club after work, which, this time, was just me and Chase. It's fun to go on 1:1 runs with people you normally run in a group with; Chase and I realized that, since we work [...]