Mid-Year Goal Update (Pt. 2)

The following are the goals I have set for myself for this next quarter of the year--three months, thirteen weeks. To see a refresh of the original goals I set at the start of 2019, and for an explanation as to why I'm moving away from them, read part one. I made some decent progress [...]

Mid-Year Goal Update (Pt. 1)

Well, that didn't go as planned. The following is a refresh on the goals I set at the start of 2019 and how they've shaken out for me so far now that we're halfway through the year. To see how I'm planning out the next three months of the year (yes, I decided six was [...]

Got Over It: Bridge Run 10k 2019

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 6.29 miles 59:35 09:28 Mt.P to Downtown Cloudy, 69° Brooks Ravenna 10 Finally, the bridge run! Sorry for the crappy picture quality--this was the best image of me (I'm in the pink shorts with the white hat behind the guy in all gray) from the event. Every year [...]

Weekly Recap

March 18 - 24 Out of kindness to myself, I'm changing the name of these "Sunday Recaps" to "Weekly Recaps," as this is now the second week that this recap has come not on Sunday. Sundays tend to be big days for me--it's my long run day, and the day of the weekend I'm mostly [...]

Running Log 03/14/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 4.05 miles 50:58 10:07 Downtown Sunny, 73° Brooks Ravenna 10   Four miles after work around the peninsula. Ran with Ben, who's a Run Club regular, but who hasn't been able to attend our usual Tuesday runs because #DadLife. He ran the first three miles with me and [...]

I’m Going To …

tl;dr: These are my writing, reading, and running goals for the remainder of 2019. Note: This post isn't titled "I'm Going to Try to ..." There are plenty of articles and blogs on this already, so I won't bore you with it too much (this is probably a lie; I'm sure this topic will get [...]

I Ran a Marathon …

tl;dr: I ran a marathon. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. I made mistakes, and often. But I worked hard at it. I finished with a time of five hours and eight minutes. Keep reading for a more in-depth recap, and click here to read part two of this post: "... Now What?" There [...]