Weekly Recap

March 25 -29 To be honest, this week sucked. I haven't been as anxious and disoriented in a while. Well, I'm always anxious, but it's been building to a peak the past couple weeks. I'm working on it, but man does it make it hard to do things, even things I enjoy doing. I did [...]

Running Log 03/17/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 5 miles 48:18 09:38 West Ashley Overcast, 58° Nike EXP-X14 This was a fun run! Lauren and I went out to West Ashley Park and made five miles out of a few loops around a neighborhood and West Ashley High School. (Living out here has made me very [...]

Running Log 03/14/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 4.05 miles 50:58 10:07 Downtown Sunny, 73° Brooks Ravenna 10   Four miles after work around the peninsula. Ran with Ben, who's a Run Club regular, but who hasn't been able to attend our usual Tuesday runs because #DadLife. He ran the first three miles with me and [...]

Sunday Recap

tl;dr: In one of my many efforts to keep myself accountable, welcome to my Sunday Recap, where I look back on the progress I made toward my goals during the week. March 4 - March 10 This Sunday is throwing me off because of Daylight Savings. It feels like it should be early evening right now, but [...]

Running Log 03/05/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 3 miles 26:41 08:47 Downtown Sunny, 52° Nike EXP-X14 This was a fast one for a Run Club run. Typically I take runs with Run Club at a slow-ish pace and don't wear my headphones so I can talk to everyone, but today in particular I had a [...]

I’m Going To …

tl;dr: These are my writing, reading, and running goals for the remainder of 2019. Note: This post isn't titled "I'm Going to Try to ..." There are plenty of articles and blogs on this already, so I won't bore you with it too much (this is probably a lie; I'm sure this topic will get [...]

Today: Prompt 1 Deadline and Results

Today is the last day to complete a full draft of a prose piece six hundred words or less, or a poem of thirty lines or less, in response to prompt 1: The Death Tarot Card and Writing About Endings. If you did get a draft out of this exercise, feel free to email it [...]

Keeping Myself Accountable

tl;dr: I'm keeping myself accountable in both my running and my writing by (1) quite literally investing myself--spending money on items to further my progress means I can't let my money go to waste; (2) being specific in my goals; and (3) putting myself out there--if the whole internet knows what I'm doing, it's going [...]

… Now What?

tl;dr: Having never run more than six miles at a time, I trained for and then ran a marathon in a span of five months. It made me wonder why I struggle to commit to other things that matter to me, such as writing, long-term. I'm trying to replicate my success with running in my [...]