Run Streak Recap

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd decided to participate in the Runner's World summer Run Streak, a thirty-nine-day event where you run at least a single mile a day from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July. I've never done something like this before, and wasn't sure how it would go. But I [...]

An Update on Run Logs/What’s Next

Being: You've probably noticed I've stopped doing them. It's not because I've stopped running; I have been doing that. Not to the extent I'd hoped--I'm logging about 10 miles a week at most--but that's okay; I don't really need to worry about that until it's time to start training. Anyway--the run logs. They're very time [...]

Running Log 04/16/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 3.10 miles 28:38 09:14 Downtown Sunny, 70° Brooks Raveena 10   Another 5k with Run Club. This time it was just me, Lauren, and Chase. Had a great run; I'm loving the weather finally warming up again. I need to go ahead and order a new running belt [...]

Running Log: 04/11/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 4.05 miles 38:12 09:25 Downtown Sunny, 76° Nike EXP-X14 This was probably the first truly hot run of the summer season. I was comfortable enough in my shorts and t-shirt, but did wish I had a tank top on instead. Not to mention my running belt broke last [...]

Got Over It: Bridge Run 10k 2019

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 6.29 miles 59:35 09:28 Mt.P to Downtown Cloudy, 69° Brooks Ravenna 10 Finally, the bridge run! Sorry for the crappy picture quality--this was the best image of me (I'm in the pink shorts with the white hat behind the guy in all gray) from the event. Every year [...]

Running Log: 04/02/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 3.17 miles 30:17 09:32 Downtown Sunny, 72° Brooks Ravenna 10 For whatever reason this 5k felt shorter than usual, even though, if anything, I was a little slow. I was actually surprised to not see a 10:-- split here. To my credit, this was a Run Club run, [...]

Running Log: 03/28/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 4 miles 37:47 09:26 Downtown Sunny, 67° Nike EXP-X14 To be honest, I'm a week late getting this run log up. It takes enough time out of my day finding the time to actually run, much less do these full logs in addition to all my other goals [...]

Running Log 03/26/19

Log: Distance Time Pace Area Weather Shoes 3.01 miles 28:12 09:22 Downtown Sunny, 66° Nike EXP-X14 Three miles with Run Club after work, which, this time, was just me and Chase. It's fun to go on 1:1 runs with people you normally run in a group with; Chase and I realized that, since we work [...]