Goals Update: Month 1 (July)

Month 1:


I’m really pleased with how month 1 went! I accomplished a lot. My goals for this month were (1) write for twenty hours, (2) finish one poem, (3) submit to Grist, (4) update my site homepage, (5) post my run streak recap, and (6) post parts 1 and 2 of my goals refresh.

And I did all of that! Well, basically. I did everything but write for twenty hours–I clocked sixteen instead. Still a number I’m very happy with, especially considering I wrote five new poems, which was my overall new poem goal number for the quarter. (I’ve since revised that number to be twelve new poems, considering how this month went.) But everything else I did exactly as planned.

I revised and “finished” a poem I’ve been working on for a while, and I finished three books (and made progress on two others). I didn’t have a running goal (running has proved to be the one thing I don’t have to go out of my way to motivate myself to do), but I ran a total of twenty-six miles in July, which is actually fairly low for me.

On top of this, I meditated for at least ten minutes every day, and I did five-minute writing quick fires (almost) every day–time that isn’t factored in to my weekly writing number. And I was traveling for five days!

All in all, I’m really proud of myself for what I was able to accomplish in July. I can’t believe I knocked out all five poems in one month–something I thought was a reaching goal to accomplish in three. I’ve found that establishing habits and routine has been really important for me to keep consistency and motivation up–surprise, surprise. And meditating every day was never a goal of mine, but it’s also proved to be essential to me.

Month 2 is already in full swing, and if you’ve read my most recent two-week goals update, you know that it’s not going to plan. But really reviewing the first month and going over all that I was able to accomplish has me excited now. If you want to know how August goes, keep checking this page for my two-week recaps. Or, wait around another month. I’ll let ya know when month 2’s recap is up.

Til then.


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