Goals Update: Weeks 4 and 5/13

Week 4:


As you can tell, this was a bit on an unusual week. I was traveling/in Chicago from Thursday through Sunday (+ Monday and Tuesday of week 5), so that threw a bit of a wrench in my momentum, though I still did pretty well I think.

Most notably, I managed to meditate every single day, even while on vacation. As I’ve said before, this habit is particularly important to me to maintain. I didn’t really see meditation being so important to me at the start of this endeavor, but it has become a bit of a cornerstone for me to sustain my creativity/motivation/sense of purpose, even on days when I’m not actively creating things. Reading does the same thing for me as meditating in a lot of ways, and while I didn’t meet my milestone of finishing The Carrying, I did finish On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, which was, of course, gorgeous. I also posted my weeks 2 and 3 recap.

You’ll see I only wrote for half of the hours I’d planned to (two out of four), and only did a five-minute quick fire twice instead of every day. I wasn’t disappointed in not meeting my writing goal (as I’ve mentioned, I already met my original quarterly goal for writing early on)–though I should have been more realistic and known I wasn’t going to write while I was in Chicago and aimed instead for something lower than four hours. I did, however, meet my milestone of writing at least one new poem.

I am regretting having fallen out of habit with my daily quick fires though. Those (+ my meditations) have been key to getting me started when I sit down to really write; a lot of the new poems I’ve written have come from the bits and pieces I’ve gotten out in those five minute increments. I had all the intentions to get things back on track for week 5.

Week 5:


Well. If last week didn’t go as planned, this one certainly didn’t either. Like I said, I was traveling for Monday and Tuesday of this week, but otherwise, the rest of the week was fairly standard for me. I even won some time back with a half-day at work on Friday, which I could have used to make up for the time spent watching three hours worth of the Bachelorette. But, as you can see, I struggled even more this week than I did last week.

I still read and I still meditated–again, at least I’m nurturing my creativity if I’m not actively crafting it–but I did literally nothing else. I didn’t write, I didn’t run, I didn’t do my quick fires. When I was traveling I didn’t keep up with my morning routine, and once I’d broken it, when I got home, it was a lot easier to keep it that way and sleep in instead. Granted, I had some catching up on sleep I needed to do, but I was going to bed really late for me, and then waking up really late. Then I’d get home from work and do nothing. I didn’t meet any of my weekly milestones, and now that I’ve been off for two weeks in a row I’m falling behind.

So, week 6, my milestones are to post my weeks 4 and 5 recap (that’s what this would be), my month 1 of 3 recap, and to simply meet all of my tracked habits. I’ll holler next week (or week after, if the trend of posting two weeks at once continues) and let you know how it goes.

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