An Update on Run Logs/What’s Next

Being: You’ve probably noticed I’ve stopped doing them. It’s not because I’ve stopped running; I have been doing that. Not to the extent I’d hoped–I’m logging about 10 miles a week at most–but that’s okay; I don’t really need to worry about that until it’s time to start training.

Anyway–the run logs. They’re very time consuming. As much as I like doing them, and sharing them with y’all, my focus needs to be offline primarily. So, I’m going back to my old format of posting my run logs as Instagram captions with a run pic to my running account, @larkelruns. It’s just easier for me, and I need to be streamlining these things so I make sure I have time to do the things I actually want to accomplish.

Instead of posting the run logs here, I’ll be posting periodic longer pieces that center on an aspect of running that’s a bit too unwieldy to discuss on Instagram–favorite routes, what I listen to, busted toenails, etc. These will come periodically based on my runs, with no real set schedule. But I’ll be sure to holler over on Instagram when I do upload one, so follow me there or turn your notifications on for my posts if you’d like to be so invested.

I’m about to be posting a lot there, too, as yesterday marked the first day of the #RWRunStreak, a run streak event by Runner’s World wherein participants run at least one mile a day from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July. Thirty-nine days with no rest. I’ll be participating, and sharing my experience over on Instagram. I already have day one’s post up, so go check it out.


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