Running Log: 04/20/19








3.14 miles 27:39 08:48 Treadmill Inside Nike EXP-X14

Not much to report on in this log–just a quick 5k on the treadmill after a day of eating donut after donut. I’d planned to run a 5k today, but had intended to go in the early afternoon since it was such a nice day. Instead I wound up spending most of the day either eating some gourmet donuts we got that morning or doing laundry. Actually, I did a lot of laundry. But still at the end of the day I was feeling pretty gross and cooped up, so when 8:30 rolled around and I still hadn’t run I decided it was more than worth a late night run to sweat the day out a bit.

I had a stitch in both of my sides during this run, but my legs and my lungs felt great, and so I was pretty surprised to see a sub-nine average split when I got done. But it’s much harder to accurately gauge those things when running on treadmill, so I’m not putting too much stock in it.

All in all, a good run I was glad to have done, even if I don’t really like to run on the treadmill. Nice prep for the five miles I’ll run on Sunday.


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