Running Log 04/16/19








3.10 miles 28:38 09:14 Downtown Sunny, 70° Brooks Raveena 10


Another 5k with Run Club. This time it was just me, Lauren, and Chase. Had a great run; I’m loving the weather finally warming up again. I need to go ahead and order a new running belt though since mine broke during the Bridge Run; I used to not mind running with my phone in my hand–preferred it, even, to the arm bands a lot of people use–but now that I know what’s it like to run with a belt instead I have a hard time with it.

Still, though, I’m proud of how I ran yesterday. One of those ones where you start out feeling pretty good and then you just feel more and more energized and happy to be out there as you go. I ran my first mile at a 9:56 pace, and my last one at 8:15. The last .1 of this 5k I ran at a 7:50 split–which isn’t a far distance to go at that pace, but I’m excited to see that I was sub-eight if even for a minute, and the gap between where I started and where I stopped is nice to see, too.

There was one point during the run when I looked over and realized that Lauren and Chase weren’t anywhere near me (sorry, guys). But I just felt so good so I kept picking up the pace and moving forward. This was really the first day in about two weeks that I haven’t been crazy sore. The Bridge Run in combo with some strength training classes I did made for really tight muscles for a while there. But now that I’m feeling less sore, I’m also feeling stronger, and–even though I really didn’t fuel myself well yesterday (a bagel and a pack of goldfish does not a meal make)–I could feel that on this run.

Planning to run four miles on Thursday, so I’ll report back then.

Song of the run: “Legend Has It” – Run the Jewels


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