Running Log: 04/11/19








4.05 miles 38:12 09:25 Downtown Sunny, 76° Nike EXP-X14

This was probably the first truly hot run of the summer season. I was comfortable enough in my shorts and t-shirt, but did wish I had a tank top on instead. Not to mention my running belt broke last weekend during the Bridge Run 10k (which I promise a post is coming about soon!), so for the first time in a while I was running without my Butt Bottles, or, as normal people would call them, my belted water bottles.

I was pretty sore going into this run, too; Blaike and I did an at-home strength training circuit the day before, which left my thighs, abs, and shoulders particularly tight. So I felt like I was struggling a little more than normal to just get through this run. It was also my first solo run in a while, and I’m definitely a bit out of the mental practice of such, if that makes sense. I thought to myself at one point that I would cut this one short at three miles, and had to mentally push myself and remember that I run this distance all the time; I can do it. And, of course, I could, and did.

So while hotter and more of a struggle than usual, I was glad to have done it, per usual.

And I saw my first street cat in a while!


Although this Queen in particular clearly wasn’t doing much street living. LOOK AT THAT TUMMY. She very politely slow-blinked at me and sent me on my way.

I’m so excited that it’s starting to get hot again because (1) I actually love running outside in the summer, and (2) because it means all the outside kitties are about to be back to sunbathing in driveways and on porches. I don’t like to stop for most any reason while on a run, but ten of ten times I will stop to talk to a cat.

Anyway, I’ll be adding these pics to my cat pics page, where I keep a collection of all the kitties I encounter while running. Feel free to go enjoy those, too.


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