Running Log: 04/02/19








3.17 miles 30:17 09:32 Downtown Sunny, 72° Brooks Ravenna 10

For whatever reason this 5k felt shorter than usual, even though, if anything, I was a little slow. I was actually surprised to not see a 10:– split here. To my credit, this was a Run Club run, and we have a new member who, while they’ve been completing every run with enthusiasm, is still pretty new to running and just hasn’t built up the same stamina as those of us who’ve been in the group a while. Usually we have a slightly larger group than we did today, and we more evenly split up into a “kinda slow” and a “slower” crowd. But today it was just three of us, and I was the only one who knew the area and the route, so I had to make sure we all stayed reasonably together. Don’t get me wrong; one of the reasons I love running is the community of it. I love running with a group and talking about work and our lives and the area we’re running in. But I had happened to have had another bad day on top of a long string of bad days, and more than anything really just wanted to zone out and run. I would have loved that, but I still really loved getting to know someone new a little better while we ran, and reminding myself that running is just as much about finding peace in the run you’re in instead of focusing solely on times and splits and miles.

With the Cooper River Bridge 10k this weekend, I’m undecided if I’ll run Thursday still or not. I’m currently slated for five miles, which would put me at a happy 14/15 miles for the week (once the Bridge Run is over), but I may just do three or four depending on how my ankle feels, which is largely fine, but still a little weird. I am going to go to a hot yoga class Wednesday afternoon regardless though, at least stay somewhat active.

I’ll update you Thursday (let’s be realistic–it’ll actually be several days after that) if I run or not. But I’ll certainly update you post-10k.

‘Til then.



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