Running Log: 03/28/19








4 miles 37:47 09:26 Downtown Sunny, 67° Nike EXP-X14

To be honest, I’m a week late getting this run log up. It takes enough time out of my day finding the time to actually run, much less do these full logs in addition to all my other goals (this might be a topic we’ll revisit in a not-run-log post later). So I don’t really remember the very specific details of it.

I ran with Ben again, and felt pretty good. We short-changed ourselves a little bit and wound back up at our office at only 3.5 miles, so had to loop the block again to get that extra .5 in. I remember feeling so annoyed when I looked at my phone finally and saw 3.5 instead of 4. Mostly because that meant I’d routed us a little improperly (no one likes to loop past their end point before they actually finish), but also because I was tired. I mentioned this in my weekly recap of this week, but man, was this a bad week. It took way more effort than usual to convince myself to run, and then more still to actually get in the miles. I really have just wanted to lay in bed with my cat and my boyfriend and my book lately, so that’s largely what I’ve been doing. But I did feel good to have finished this run, as always.

Still, according to Strava, I’m trending faster (at least, on this route in particular, but we can probably infer from that generally as well). I seem to be averaging 9:20 splits when, throughout all of my marathon training last year, I couldn’t seem to get below 10:30. I think part of that was me worrying that if I pushed myself in terms of speed while I was also pushing myself in terms of distance that I would hurt myself, which, to be fair, has some truth to it. But even on runs when I felt like I’d flown I was still clocking 10:00-10:30 splits on average. So it’s nice to see that progress is sticking even on days where it’s hard to get myself outside.

More to come in my next run log, which I am also several days behind posting.



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