Weekly Recap

March 25 -29

To be honest, this week sucked. I haven’t been as anxious and disoriented in a while. Well, I’m always anxious, but it’s been building to a peak the past couple weeks. I’m working on it, but man does it make it hard to do things, even things I enjoy doing.

I did not run my fifteen miles. I got a little less than halfway there with seven. I wish I had run more. I didn’t have any real excuse not to, except for only feeling mentally functional enough to go to work and then come straight back home. I spent a lot of time on the couch last week. I’m not trying to beat myself up about this–just like you have to listen to your body, you have to give your mind a break, too. But I also know that running is one of the ways I can best combat those kind of days, and I hate when I feel too mentally drained to do something I know will make me feel better. Not sure I’ve ever regretted going on a run.

But, it is what it is. And I did read a good bit last week. I wanted to get halfway through Whereas by Layli Long Soldier and I’m actually pretty close to finishing it (which means you can expect a full review soon). I’m still taking my time finishing Michelle Obama’s Becoming on Audible. I did finish a draft of two different poems from my National Women’s Day prompt and Prompt 2: Uber Lost and Found. I’m pretty pleased with both of them, and already have some ideas for revision. I’ve written four new poems this year so far, so essentially one a month, which I’m pretty excited about. Both about having written them, and the kinds of poems they’re shaping out to be.

Next week (really, the one I’m writing from now) I’m afraid will probably not be much better in its level of suckiness, but I want to do better with my running at least and see how that helps. The Cooper River Bridge Run 10k is that weekend, so that at least is guaranteed to be fun. I’ll be sure to let y’all know how it goes, though.

‘Til then.


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