Running Log 03/26/19








3.01 miles 28:12 09:22 Downtown Sunny, 66° Nike EXP-X14

Three miles with Run Club after work, which, this time, was just me and Chase. It’s fun to go on 1:1 runs with people you normally run in a group with; Chase and I realized that, since we work in totally different departments, this was probably the most we’d ever spent time together not with a group, despite having known each other for almost two years.

I like running with Chase because he tends to run at a slightly faster pace than I’m used to, and this run certainly felt faster than normal while it was happening. My pace has more consistently been around this same level, but for whatever reason I really felt like I was pushing myself for a good portion of this run. It was very cold and very windy, so that alone was incentive enough to keep moving.

We’re starting to settle into this route for our Run Club runs. I love that feeling when you know a route so well that you can just autopilot through it. That’s when I usually start to see PRs. And I did, actually, get a PR in my “East Bay: Broad to Battery” segment (4:26). I also got my second-best effort in my “South Battery Street Climb” segment (5:07).

My ankle still hurts though. It’s neither a particularly sharp nor dull pain, somewhere in between, and it’s not just when I’m running. Which is a little concerning. So ice and a brace it will be for me until my next run on Thursday. It’s nothing unbearable, and I can even be distracted from it when the running is right, but I don’t want it to work itself into a larger problem now that we’re two weeks out from the Bridge Run 10k. So I opted not to go to a strength training class tonight (Wednesday) like I’d planned, and instead am going to rest and see how it feels tomorrow. Will report back then.



3 thoughts on “Running Log 03/26/19

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