Running Log 03/21/19








3.16 miles 28:09 08:53 Downtown Cloudy, 68° Brooks Ravenna 10

I have to admit, I was not particularly excited about this run. I was really sore, tired, and ready to just go home once work was over. But Lauren and I laced up and went out for three miles.

We were aiming for four, but neither of us felt great, and my ankle hurt at the start of the run and didn’t shake out by the point where we either looped back or ran one more mile. So we settled for three, and they were still a good three miles.

I’m still tracking faster; all of my splits were under nine minutes except for mile two, which was 9:05. And I got my second-best 5k effort (29:16). So, despite feeling pretty gross, I’m happy with that. This run put me at eight of my fifteen miles for the week, and, spoiler alert if you haven’t read my weekly recap from last week, I didn’t run any more miles than that. But, this week’s a new week, and I’m feeling a little less sore (though my ankle does still feel weird), so we’ll see what I get up to.

Good run to close off a good week.


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