Weekly Recap

March 18 – 24

Out of kindness to myself, I’m changing the name of these “Sunday Recaps” to “Weekly Recaps,” as this is now the second week that this recap has come not on Sunday. Sundays tend to be big days for me–it’s my long run day, and the day of the weekend I’m mostly cleaning and meal prepping for next week. Finding time in there to post these recaps while also busting my butt to get a draft completed from the previous Friday’s prompt seems like a bit much to ask of myself. So in the future, these’ll come on Mondays or Tuesdays, and I’ll probably end up combining these recaps with my prompt recaps–why have two things when it could be one.

So, last week.

We spontaneously decided on Tuesday that we wanted to take Friday off work and drive up to Columbia to go see a couple March Madness games, so we (“we” here being me and the boyfriend, Blaike) spent the week in Columbia and Lugoff staying with my mom. It was a good weekend, but all the traveling and the staying-somewhere-else thing meant I didn’t go on either of my weekend runs. I could have run in Lugoff, at least on Saturday, but I don’t particularly enjoying running there. It’s fine for two to three miles, but even still that involves a lot of double looping, and it’s a much more hilly area than what I’m used to.

I did work my body fairly hard last week though, which is why I don’t really have a problem with having skipped my weekend runs. I went to a couple different yoga classes during the week (right after running, too) that left me pretty sore. They were great classes, but my body isn’t used to that kind of work, and I was more sore than I thought I’d be. I’ve actually had trouble sleeping because my hips seem to hurt no matter how I move my legs. Thankfully today (Tuesday, the 26th) I’m finally feeling more like myself. Yesterday I had to use my standing desk all day because my hips hated sitting down for too long.

So, that said, I did not meeting my fifteen mile goal for the week. Which is okay–like I said, I worked a little extra than I normally do, and I opted to spend more time with my family and with my boyfriend. I don’t mind not meeting goals when it means doing something else I love, especially with the people I love.

I also still haven’t finished my draft from both the special National Women’s Day prompt and prompt #2. I only promised I would have those done before I post my next prompt, which will be this Friday (03/29), so I’ll be finishing those this week, don’t worry.

I did, however, finish The Library Book by Susan Orlean. Which, you may recall, I said I would very likely not finish this week in my last Sunday recap. I absolutely loved it. It’s a beautiful reminder of just how important our local libraries are and what having a culture of literacy does for a community. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves books and reading, and I already gave it to my mom so she can read it and we can discuss.

Now that I’m done with that, I’m going to start digging into my 2019 Reads list. (I am still listening to Michelle Obama’s Becoming on Audible, but I’m this close to being done with it, and still I intend to keep listening to different Audible books when I finish it as I work my way through the physical books on my 2019 list.) I’m just going to read them in the order they wound up stacked on my desk, so that means I’m starting with Whereas by Layli Long Soldier. I’ve already read a handful of the first poems from this book, and am glad I chose this one because it certainly is different from what I usually read and write, which is what I wanted to get out of this list in the first place. Not setting a deadline to finish this book by because I like to take my time with poetry, and am a careful (cough, slow) reader in general, but I will post a more formal review of it once I finish.

So, that’s my recap for last week. Didn’t meet most of my goals, but I had a lot of fun, and I tried a bunch of new things, so I’d say it was a success. Going on a run later, so you’ll hear from me next when I post my log.


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