Running Log: 03/20/19








2 miles 16:41 08:15 West Ashley Cloudy, 53° Nike EXP-X14

Two miles worth of intervals just around my apartment complex parking lot this afternoon right after I got off work. Three minutes running, two minutes sprinting, one minute walking, repeat.

I felt more tired on this run than I did on my last bout of intervals last Saturday, but I didn’t fuel myself well today. Not enough water, too much coffee–I’m only just now realizing I only ate a Starbucks breakfast croissant today. I didn’t feel as bad or a sluggish as I could have considering that (and probably my uptick in exercise has something to do with that), but I certainly felt the lag as opposed to the high energy of Saturday.

Still, though, I got a couple of PRs this run.

1k effort (4:37)

1 mile effort (7:58)

I also got my second best half-mile effort (3:42) and my third best 400m effort (1:40), though, to be honest, I don’t pay much attention to meter-based PRs. I know that’s something “real runners” really focus on, but I probably only think that because the percentage of runners who didn’t grow up in America and therefore were taught the metric system is significantly greater than those of us who did and weren’t. That’s too much math for my English-degree brain to even begin to attempt, and I like the even-numbered-ness of miles. Anyway–

These PRs are knocking down the ones I set on Saturday, so it’s interesting to me that I (1) got any PRs in the first place, (2) ran my first sub-eight-minute mile (well, since high school), and (3) felt like I was fairly slow at the time. I probably tried to compensate for feeling like that by amping up the pace, and that’s how these PRs happened.

However they came to be, I’m pretty excited. A sub-eight mile a few weeks before this next 10k is super encouraging to see.

Afterward, I walked upstairs to my apartment, grabbed my yoga mat, and walked across the street the strip mall yoga studio where I’d scheduled a six o’clock “hot” flow session using ClassPass.

I’d never been to this studio, and I’m still very new to yoga as a “practice,” so I was kind of hoping this class would be like the other two I tried over the weekend that were less focused on flow and more on extended stretches. It turned out to be a little harder than I thought.

It wasn’t too challenging; I could handle most of the moves, but it was challenging enough that I did have to modify a couple positions and frantically look around trying to figure out what everyone else was doing. I’m typing this with my computer in my lap instead of on my desk because my arms hurt too much to reach out that far, to be honest.

I liked the class though; in case you haven’t noticed, I like to stare a challenge in the face. It was probably good that it was a little harder than expected, so it could complement my shorter and harder run. And you know, so I could get stronger.

A great way to break up my day, though. Work-work is over, and now I’m going to work on a conference application and those writing prompts I’ve been promising y’all.

I’m scheduled to run four miles tomorrow, so I’ll be reporting back soon.

‘Till then.



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