Running Log: 03/19/2019








3.05 miles 30:57 10:07 Downtown Overcast, 58° Brooks Ravenna 10

This was my standard Tuesday afternoon three-mile run with Run Club after work. A little chilly and windy, like it has been a lot lately, but I’m thankful it’s at least warm enough to get away without having to layer (most of the time), and cold enough that I know to be appreciate of it now before we really start to get into that lowcountry swelter here in the next couple of months (which, to be honest, I’m also really looking forward to. Ya girl loves a good sweat.)

We had a new member join us this afternoon, Jill. She said she’d never done more than “a light jog every now and then” for years, but had 5ks in the past. She was worried about not being able to do the full three, and some of us did have to slow down with her, but she did it! I warned her this is how it starts. You join Run Club, miraculously run the full three miles your first run out, and then a year later you’re running a marathon. Which, looking back, might have scared her a little bit, but she still did great.

All in all, a great run. Two miles of intervals and a yoga class tomorrow!


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