Running Log 03/16/19








3.21 miles 27:50 08:40 West Ashley Overcast, 68° Nike EXP-X14

Y’all. This run. This day.

I got four (FOUR) PRs during this run.

1k effort (4:54)

1 mile effort (8:08)

2 mile effort (16:55)

5k effort (26:47)

My average pace for this run was 8:40. My all-time average pace for this same route (it’s a regular of mine) is 9:18. It is so exciting to see myself tracking faster.

During my marathon training (which no, I will probably never stop talking about it) I never really paid much attention to my individual run stats. I was focused on just getting the milage in; I didn’t care how fast or how slow I went, so long as I was prepared to run for five hours straight when race day came around. So it’s been interesting and consistently exciting to finally devote some attention to my splits.

This run was certainly faster than most because I did intervals for the first two miles. Three minutes running, two minutes sprinting, one minute walking–repeat for two miles, then run the last mile at an average-to-somewhat-fast-pace. I also rounded off my run with a sprint for the last .21 miles. Still, though, I can’t believe how fast I paced this run. I did this same practice–or, at least a loose variation of it–at least once a week, every week, while marathon training. I guess all it shows is I’m growing as a runner, and for a person who’s never really felt like a “runner” (as I’ve mentioned), I’m very here for that.

I also started my morning off by joining my friend Hannah for a yoga class. I have to admit that I’m pretty bad at taking the time to stretch–if I do at all, it’s usually for maybe three minutes total after a run, and certainly never beforehand. Not to mention I haven’t attended an actual yoga class in . . . some time. I really enjoyed myself though. A lot of the flow was focused on stretching the lower body and opening up the back, which, for a runner (because I am a runner, damnit!) was exactly what I needed. I have to wonder if the yoga this morning played a hand in all those PRs I racked up on my run this afternoon, even though I took my run a couple hours after I was done with the class. Who knows. Super happy with my results either way. And I felt so good in the class that I actually stretched directly after I finished my run for fifteen minutes, which I also enjoyed.

(Side note: Anyone have thoughts on when to stretch? I know there are two different schools of thoughts that say stretching beforehand will ruin your run, and vice versa. Most everyone seems to agree that stretching after is important. I don’t feel like I need to stretch beforehand most of the time, though I know a bunch of people who make it a priority. I know it boils down to what feels best for each person individually, but do you really think stretching beforehand [or not!] can sabotage your run? I’m curious.)

Hannah also introduced me to this cool app called ClassPass, which lets you sign up for classes at participating gyms in your area without having a membership. The plan I picked costs about $30/month, which gives you twenty-one “credits” you can put toward different classes, which range in price from a single credit to ten credits from what I’ve seen so far. Considering most gyms are way more expensive than $30/month, and even individual classes can be, I think this is a pretty cool concept. We do currently have a membership at Planet Fitness, which is (obvi) hella cheap, but in general I don’t really care to use it. I find myself easily bored and more likely to do the same workout over and over instead of trying new things. I’ve taken several fitness classes over the years and have always loved those, and was literally yesterday saying to my boyfriend that I wanted to cancel out PF membership and find a regular class or classes to attend instead. So I’m really curious and excited to give this app a try. I’ve got a plan to run five miles in the morning with my friend Lauren and then Hannah and me are going to try a “rejuvenation” class we found on ClassPass afterward. I’ll report back on how it goes.

Speaking of reporting, I’m now ten miles into my fifteen-mile goal for the week. My five-miler with Lauren tomorrow should put me right there. I’ll be posting a run log for that run afterward and also my usual Sunday Recap that reviews how I’m tracking in all of my goals, running and otherwise, which you can check out here if you haven’t already.

I’ll wrap up this rather lengthy run log here. More tomorrow.



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