Running Log 03/14/19








4.05 miles 50:58 10:07 Downtown Sunny, 73° Brooks Ravenna 10


Four miles after work around the peninsula. Ran with Ben, who’s a Run Club regular, but who hasn’t been able to attend our usual Tuesday runs because #DadLife. He ran the first three miles with me and then peeled off so he could go pick up his daughter.

This was a really good run. I’m starting to feel confident and strong in my runs again. I don’t know why, or if this is something that other marathoners (first-timers or otherwise) experience, but after my marathon when I took some time off from running to heal, my mental abilities (not so much my physical ones) felt like they were basically back at square one. When I went out on my first run afterward (only three miles) I was still convinced (or, at least partially convinced) I wasn’t going to be capable of doing it. Of course, it went fine. One doesn’t not just run 26.2 miles and then less than a month later not be able to run three miles, unless you get seriously injured. Regardless of knowing this, every time I’ve gone on a run since it’s been with an initial mind-set of fear and anxiety. It’s really weird and interesting. I know I can do it, but I always have a lot of anxiety at the start of each run.

Of course, the runs themselves dispel this feeling more than anything. Each run I’ve gone on since the ‘thon I’ve been able to finish, and I haven’t had any knee problems like I was having just before the race. I’ve even been crushing some of the PRs I set while training for it. So yeah, I don’t really know why I feel like this. I think it goes back to how I felt before my training, when I was worried people would see me running and know I wasn’t a “real runner” (which isn’t a real thing I’ve since learned, by the way). For some reason, now that I’m not training for something as lofty as a marathon, I almost feel the same way again. I think, people who see me run won’t look at me and see a marathoner. Which I know is another ridiculous thought–who cares what other people think! I know I’m a runner. I know I’m a marathoner. I know I’m strong even if I’m not running. That’s all that matters, and that’s what I have to keep telling myself.

I’m sure this feeling will fade over time. But it’s one thing to work toward a really big goal, another to achieve it, and yet another to keep moving forward once you get there. You’re a different person before, during, and after. All I know is I want to run, so that’s what I’ll continue doing.

I said in my last run log that I wanted to run:

2 miles (intervals) on Wednesday

3 miles on Thursday

2 miles (intervals) on Saturday

5 miles on Sunday

I didn’t end up running on Wednesday, alas. But I did instead run four miles on Thursday (this log), and intend to do three miles on Saturday instead of two to make up for that one other lost mile. Probably won’t do intervals for all three of those miles, but we’ll see.

Feeling more optimistic that I’ll hit my milage goal this week, since I didn’t last week. But I’ll report back as we go and we’ll see!


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