Running Log 03/12/19








3.13 miles 30:08 09:38 Downtown Sunny, 70° Nike EXP-X14

Today’s run was my standard three miles with Run Club. A good run, as always, though I did have a stitch in my side for about three-fourths of the last mile, so that was unpleasant. Only when moments like that happen do I find myself going, Is this over yet? Other than that though, I really enjoyed this run.

I got a PR in two segments according to Strava. The first, “East Bay: Broad to Battery,” I ran in 4:35, and my last effort was exactly a month ago with a time of 5:11. The other was the “Waterfront Sprint”; my new time is 8:38, with my average for this segment being 9:10. So it would seem I’m getting to be almost consistently a minute or less faster than where I was at the start of this year when I was averaging 10:00-10:30/min miles. So that’s all very exciting.

Equally exciting is the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k coming up in less than a month on April 6. The last time I ran this same race a year ago I had a time of 1:03:32. Which, really, was surprisingly fast for me considering my level of training beforehand was pretty minimal. I’m not sure what my 10k PR outside of a formal race is (if anyone knows how to look that up in Strava holler at me), and I’m not about to do the math to see what my current average pace projects for a 10k time, but I’m hoping and aiming to be at least marginally faster this time around. While I’m definitely a more experienced and better-practiced runner than I was a year ago, I spent the better part of that year training for distance, not time, so I honestly wouldn’t be too surprised (or unhappy) to see a similar time this go ’round. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there (get it? see what I did? ha ha ha I’m so funny).

On that note, I’m gonna start incorporating interval training into my running schedule more now that I’m really officially back in the swing of things.

Upcoming runs:

Wednesday 03/13: 2 miles (intervals)

Thursday 03/14: 3 miles

Saturday 03/16: 2 miles (intervals)

Sunday 03/17: 5 miles

This should bring my weekly total to 15 miles, which is my weekly goal I’ve set for myself. Will report back in my next Log on how the intervals go!


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