Sunday Recap

tl;dr: In one of my many efforts to keep myself accountable, welcome to my Sunday Recap, where I look back on the progress I made toward my goals during the week.

March 4 – March 10

This Sunday is throwing me off because of Daylight Savings. It feels like it should be early evening right now, but in fact it’s already six. I’m loving the extra hour of sunlight, hating the loss of an hour of sleep, and wondering how I managed to even do as much I as I did this week.

This week I ran 7.1 miles out of the fifteen I’d aimed for. There is still time left in the day to get another run in and get closer to that fifteen, but if I’m being honest, I really needed this weekend to rest. I was sick for most of last week, on top of having the most stressful work week I’ve had in months, and I’m feeling grateful I managed those 7.1 miles at all. Another run this week would certainly be a good thing, but it’d be more to effort bring myself closer to the goal of fifteen miles than because I want and need to run, and since I’m not in hyper-training mode, I don’t see the harm in being satisfied with my 7.1. Sometimes you don’t make your goals, and that’s okay. I still did something this week, and the two runs (Tuesday and Friday) I went on were more progressive than any other run I’ve had post-marathon.

As far as writing goes, I did do a special prompt for International Women’s Day this week. While I don’t have a completed draft yet (the deadline I set for myself is tomorrow, okay!), I do have a solid first-half, and on a subject I haven’t tried to write about before, so that’s exciting–and exactly the reason why I do prompts. I wanted to revise a poem this week too, but, for the reasons aforementioned, didn’t. Maybe I’ll find a stroke of energy tonight and get to it, but we’ll see. (Predictably, I’m writing this post instead finishing my prompt draft or revising anything, ‘cuz this is just easier. But hey, at least this counts for something.)

I’m very close to finishing Michelle Obama’s book Becoming on Audible (like, scary close. Gonna-cry-on-my-way-to-work-when-it’s-over close), and, according to GoodReads, am about 63 percent of the way through Susan Orlean’s The Library Book. Not surprisingly, I’m moving faster through my audiobook than my actual book, thanks to commutes and exercising, both of which are hard to read a physical book during. But that’s just as well–I’m getting to savor The Library Book like I’d like to.

All in all, this was a very stressful, very long, very fast-paced week. While an exciting time, I’m glad to be starting this next one fresher and healthier than I started this one.

Talk more tomorrow.


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