Special Prompt: International Women’s Day

While my next official prompt wasn’t planned to go up until the fifteenth, I wanted to do an special extra prompt this week for International Women’s Day. Anyone, of course, is welcome to work from this prompt, no matter how you identify (for the record: she/her for me, please).

And, because women contain multitudes, I’m giving you a few of different options. If you’d like to get feedback on the work you get out of this, send an email to laurarashley@gmail.com with the subject “Women’s Day Prompt Response” and I’d love to swap drafts with you. Comment here once you’ve done so, so you don’t get sent to spam.

Pick one of four (or do all of them if you’re feeling so inspired):

  1. Choose a woman from history dead or alive (she doesn’t have to be famous!) and either (1) write a persona poem in her voice, or (2) write an imagined conversation/interaction between the two of you.
  2. Write an ode to the woman/one of the women in your life that you value the most. Caveat: she can’t be your mom or mother figure. You’ve probably already written about her a bunch.
  3. If you identify as a woman, write an ode to your damn self.
  4. Pick a poem/short piece by your favorite woman writer. Study her tone, themes, and imagery. Write a piece in her style.

I’d like to challenge you to keep male voices (other than your own, should you so identify) to a minimum in these. Explore these women as the women they are, not who they are in the context of men.

For prose writers, keep these at six hundred words or less. For poets, no more than thirty lines. For everyone, tell the women in your life how much you appreciate them, that you see them, and maybe tell them how you’re made better by them.

The deadline that I’m setting for myself to have a draft done by for this prompt is Monday, March 11. Feel free to use the same deadline for yourself, and to send me your drafts anytime between now and then. I’ll be posting a recap of how this prompt went for me and sharing y’all’s general thoughts on it Monday as well.

My next regularly scheduled prompt will be going up Friday, March 15.

Click here if you’d like to try out my last prompt: The Death Tarot Card and Writing About Endings.

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