Running Log 03/05/19








3 miles 26:41 08:47 Downtown Sunny, 52° Nike EXP-X14

This was a fast one for a Run Club run. Typically I take runs with Run Club at a slow-ish pace and don’t wear my headphones so I can talk to everyone, but today in particular I had a stressful and emotionally exhausting day at work and really just wanted to blare Hamilton and run one out (yes, Hamilton is my power jam). So, I did. Turns out I really needed to run because dang, man, look at that pace jump. I average around a ten minute split but today I cut it down to 8:47 (edit: I’m definitely feeling this in my hip now) and ended up getting my two-mile PR. I probably would have gotten at least a second-best attempt at my 5k time if we’d managed to eek out that .1 more mile.

But this was also a very cold and windy run; it seemed no matter how many times we changed direction we were always running into the wind. There were tornados across the lowcountry and several other Southern states the night before, so overall, not the most pleasant of runs in regard to the weather, especially considering I only had a tank top to wear, and I’m still somewhat recovering from a minor cold. So when we hit the even 3 and were square back at the entrance of our office we were all ready to call it.

Pre-run selfie with my new tank and my 26.2 bracelet, which also always makes me feel better to look at and remind myself of on hard days.

This was the first time I’d worn this top–which is always exciting, despite the cold–and I really needed the vibe of “Just try to stop me” today. It seemed to work out for me. I’m pretty proud of this time, and it’s certainly the best split I’ve had post-marathon. Coming off of a hard day, this run was exactly what I needed. I love running. When I’m feeling extra stressed, sick, or tired, I know it’s usually because I haven’t been running as much as my body needs me to. As soon as I get that first run out, I always feel so much better. I’m so thankful for this body and to be able to run. It’s exciting to see this kind of progress, even though it was fueled by anxiety. That means that power is still in there, somewhere. And of course I felt considerably less anxious afterward. Exercise–it’s good for you. Who knew?

Song of the Run: “Guns and Ships” – Hamilton

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