Sunday Recap

tl;dr: In one of my many efforts to keep myself accountable, welcome to my first Sunday Recap, where I look back on the progress I made toward my goals during the week.

February 25 – March 3

This week started off really strong. I ran with Rub Club on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I wrote a thirty-line poem in response to my first prompt. Thursday I wrote another poem–the first time I’ve written two poems in as many days, and more than one poem in a week, in a long time. I had a busy but exciting week at work, and was looking forward to Friday and the weekend.

Then Friday morning I woke up coughing with a sore throat and a headache. I haven’t been sick in a year or more–I’m convinced that all that running I did training for the marathon kept me well and healthy despite all the rainy and cold runs. I don’t find it a coincidence that as soon as I brought my milage down I started to get sick.

Thankfully, it’s not the worst cold I’ve ever had. But it has been a bit of a shock to my system, and has kept me from running. Even though I’m trying to run at least fifteen miles a week, I felt it was better to skip my Friday and Sunday runs and just rest and drink a bunch of tea instead. I’ll join Run Club next Tuesday and see how I’m feeling then.

Now that it’s officially March, the Cooper River Bridge Run is approaching–the biggest 10k in the Charleston region. I’ve definitely lost a bit of my ability in the past two months since the marathon with the resting and the cold, but I feel much more confident about training for a 10k now than I did about it a year ago when I did the Bridge Run for the first time. Really, even with the cold, I could go run a 10k right now. But it sure wouldn’t feel very good.

As far as reading goes, I’ve been mostly listening to Michelle Obama’s Becoming on Audible, which, of course, I love. I didn’t expect to be so emotional while reading this book, but hearing her talk about their family and the presidential campaign has got me quiet-crying on my walks to work in the mornings. I just got to the early days of Obama’s presidency, and am about two-thirds of the way through. #MyForeverPresident.

The other book I’m most actively reading is Susan Orlean’s The Library Book. I love this book. If you’re in a reading rut and need something to remind what you love about books and why, The Library Book is an excellent place to start. I started this book in January after my marathon, and have been reading it much more slowly than I normally read. I think because I’m enjoying it so much and don’t want it to end.

One of my biggest problems as a reader is not finishing books because I’m not ready to face the ending. It’s a common joke in the book loving community that readers have more books that they haven’t read than those they have; I tend to have more half-read books than books I haven’t started at all. That’s partially why I decided to set reading goals for myself this year–something I’ve never done before. I’m excited to see what this pushes me to finally finish, and to pick up.

I had a good week. It sucks to feel gross, but I’m proud of what I was able to accomplish, especially toward my writing. Next week will be spent revising those pieces, and devising a short-term submission schedule. ‘Til next Sunday.

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