Running Log 02/19/19








3.1 miles 30:40 9:51 Downtown Rainy, 50° Nike EXP-X14

Ran with Run Club again today. It was a gross day for it, too. Cold, rainy (though, just a light drizzle), and very windy. In hopes that it would warm up by the afternoon, this morning when I packed my bag I also packed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in case it was going to end up being too hot for my leggings and long-sleeves. It turned out the opposite. I actually ended up putting my t-shirt on over my long-sleeves it was so windy and cold, and I was glad I did.

Me and my coworker (and carpool buddy), Lauren, who just rejoined Run Club after completing her first 10K.

Even though this wasn’t my best 5k time as of late (I always tend to run a little slower with a group), and despite the weather, this was the best I’ve felt on a run post-marathon. I’m starting to settle back into the routine of it after taking some time off and it’s feeling more natural.

I wore my new X14s again, and they felt great. I didn’t really pay attention to them at all during the run, which I think is a positive sign that they’re working out well. My next run I’ll do in my new Brooks Ravenna 10s to see how they’re comparing.

Not a lot to report this time, except I felt really good during this one. I didn’t feel compelled to keep checking my watch for distance; I just enjoyed being out running with everyone again, even if it was a pretty dreary day. I had a somewhat crazy day at work and hadn’t gone outside at all (and didn’t even want to, really, what with the weather), and I felt so much better after I ran. Just more awake but also more relaxed. Not sure when I’ll be taking my next run, but I’m planning to start upping my milage back up soon. The Cooper River 10K is coming up in April, and it’s about time to get ready for that (though, at this point, the idea of training for a 6.1 mile race is whole lot less daunting than it used to be).

Be on the lookout for my next run log coming soon in the next couple of days!


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