Running Log 02/17/19








3.1 miles 29:45 9:28 West Ashley Cloudy, 57° Nike EXP-X14

Managed to get myself out the door for a quick 5k before we had to meal prep for the week, make dinner itself, and head over to see the pups we’re dog sitting. We had a pretty busy day, actually.

Started the morning with the dogs and then went out to North Charleston to visit with Blaike’s dad and brother, then went to the Nike outlet in Tanger to “just get some underwear” for Blaike. Of course, if you’ve ever been to an outlet store of any kind, you know it’s impossible to go in needing one specific thing and walking out with nothing extra. I hadn’t intended to get anything at all, and was just browsing the store while Blaike sought out what he was looking for.

Then I found a pair of EXP-X14s in the clearance—and in my size.

Nike EXP-X14s

I’ve had my eye on these for a while, but haven’t pulled the plug since my first pair of running shoes (well, technically my second pair—but these were the pair I really started to pick up miles in) were a pair a Nikes, and I absolutely hated them. I clocked way too many miles in those shoes simply because I thought they were cute. Not to mention, you know, I’d just bought those pair of Brooks.

But then I tried these on and oooh. They’re definitely cushioned well, while still feeling like a lightweight shoe. They’re not a perfect in-between, but they seem to fit nicely between my Hokas and my Brooks in terms of cushioning and support. The first couple runs with my Brooks left me going, Yeah, that was good, but I’m not positive this is the right shoe. I wouldn’t necessarily say the X14s are the right shoe, either, but I did really enjoy how they felt, and had a more positive initial reaction to them.

The best part of the above photo is you can see where I scuffed the right shoe along the toe. One thing I’ve never once done on a run, not even during my marathon training when it was statistically more likely considering how many runs I went on, is bust my ass. Today, I did just that. I suppose the toe of my shoe caught the edge of the sidewalk in a weird way, and boom! there was I was, tipping forward with a whole lot of momentum (if you noticed, I ran this day’s 5k almost two minutes faster than the one I ran on Tuesday). I caught myself with my left hand, and was already in a sprinting position when I first started to regain balance, so I just quickly got back up and kept going without stopping to shake it off.

Was that smart? Maybe not. Was I hurt? Not really. Neither of my knees made it to the ground (that I can recall, at least), and my hand that I caught myself with wasn’t even scraped up. But I was running along one of the busiest roads in West Ashley, and while there typically aren’t pedestrians out that way, there were a couple of different clusters of people walking down the same sidewalk when it happened. My pride may have been hurt a little bit, but at least I was wearing my race shirt from the marathon, so maybe I looked at least like I slightly had a handle on the situation.


Despite this, I had a really good run.

I tried listening to a new musical this time—Next to Normal. I’ve only heard excellent things about it, but, knowing nothing about the play or the composition style beforehand, didn’t find it to be the best running soundtrack. I’m sure I’d love it in another context, and I may try it again, but after listening to it for the first two miles I switched back to my beloved Hamilton, which I think is destined now to be my forever favorite music to run to.

I listened to Hamilton in its entirety and then some during my marathon, and countless—countless—times during my training. I even got to go see the off-Broadway production when it visited Charlotte. (I didn’t start listening to it until October, and it made my Top Artists of 2018 list on Spotify, if that tells you anything.)

So, the song of the run for today, like so many runs before it, was “My Shot” (from Hamilton, in case you needed that clarification).

Next run will be Tuesday for our next Run Club meeting, and we’ll probably do about the same length. Until then, here’s to hoping that I keep the falling to a minimum and the running to the safest-possible maximum.

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