Running Log 02/11/19








3.1 miles 31:51 10:02 Downtown Overcast, 70° Brooks Ravenna 10
From front to back: Me, George, Jamie, and Adam.

My marathon training all started with my work Run Club. These guys in this picture with me (plus two others who weren’t able to make it today) also trained for and ran marathons the same time as I did, though we ran different races. It was together last July that we all decided to go all-in and sign up for a full marathon, and it was together that we ran some of our longest distances and flew by PRs.

This was our first run back together post-marathons. (George, directly behind me, is actually still training. He got injured and had to defer his initial ‘thon, so is doing a different one in couple months now that he’s back to normal. He’s also the only one of us who’d run a marathon before.) Not the best picture of us, but it’s hard to selfie while running, and running takes precedence over the selfie-ing.

I’ve largely been doing my runs out in West Ashley for the past two months since we moved there, and, while it’s better than running on a treadmill (though that has its own time and place), running out in WA is awful. It’s just not pedestrian friendly in the slightest. I can squeeze out three to five miles in the area I live in, but it involves a couple laps around a middle school parking lot. Therefore, it was so nice to be running downtown again, where there’s a lot more sidewalk and a lot fewer cars, and where I did the bulk of my marathon training. Plus, it’s pretty. We ran the entire Battery yesterday, about thirty minutes before the sun started to set, and it was gorgeous. If you’re not familiar with the Battery, here’s a picture I took during one of my runs:

The Battery in Downtown, Charleston, SC, during sunrise.

This was only my second run in my new Brooks, so I’m still breaking them in. So far, no complaints with them. I think it’ll come down to whether I want more cushioning or not. Mostly I’m trying to adjust to the feeling of actually being able to feel the road beneath me.

I was actually really sore after my last run (which was my first post-marathon, almost a month later), and which was also about a week ago. So we’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but I’d like to do another 5k before the weekend is up. The boyfriend—Blaike—and I are dog sitting through the weekend though, which is always a logistical nightmare. If nothing else, I’ll try for a mile or two on the treadmill and a weightlifting session.

Anyway, it was a good run to start the week. Looking forward to all the Run Club runs to come this year.

L-R: Ben, Jamie, Me, George, Adam

Almost all of us! Just missing Chase. This was taken from the Ravenel Bridge, during our first ten-mile run as a group, and, for at least Jamie and me, our first ten-mile run ever. This run was pivotal in my marathon training. I never thought I’d run ten miles. I also never thought I’d run 26.2 miles. In case you don’t know how that turned out, read my post I Ran a Marathon …

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