Running Log 02/05/19








3 miles 28:38 9:28 West Ashley Sunny, 68° Brooks Ravenna 10

This was my first run post-marathon (which you can read about here), and my first run in my new shoes—I killed the last pair during marathon training. I was looking forward to this run for a lot of reasons. I’ve been itching to get running again but knew I needed—and deserved—to take some time off after the marathon. I made it just about a month. I bought my new shoes yesterday during my lunch break and was anxious all day at work today to get home and run knowing how perfect of a day it was outside.

Featuring Brooks Ravenna 10s and Balega socks

I really enjoyed this run, too. The first .2 miles or so I was like, Holy cow, I kinda forgot how hard this is! Then I remembered that I just a month ago ran a marathon (Oh, have I mentioned that I ran a marathon?) and by .5 miles in I settled in. Verdict on the new shoes still isn’t set yet; I’ll need to take them out a couple more times to really break them in.

A little bit on shoes. I probably would have gotten another pair of Hokas yesterday. I really like having a lot of cushioning, and I like the innovative curve on the heel that guides your full step.

My retired HOKA ONE ONE Ahari 2s

My problem was, during the entirety of my training last year for the ‘thon, I perpetually had black toes and dead toenails. I still have a total of five black toes. (If you’re curious, or, I guess, if you get off on witch toes, there’s a Moment dedicated to this on my instagram @larkelruns.) They don’t hurt, usually. Sometimes they’re a little sore post-run, but that’s mostly normal and goes away quickly. I don’t know why they have persisted so—I got a size and a half up in my shoes; I wore synthetic socks (s/o to the Balegas in the first image–best socks ever); I put Glide between my toes. Twice I went back to my local Fleet Feet where I got the shoes during my training and the staff there were perplexed, too. It’s not like I’m flinging my feet into the toes of my shoes or anything when I run. So, I made the switch to Brooks. We’ll see how it goes.

I didn’t document my running quite as precisely during my training as I intend to here. Training itself ate up so much time (over seventy hours of time spent running total!) that it was difficult enough to post an Instagram about it, much less write out an entire running log. And not every log is going to be as wieldy as this one, but I do want to better record my runs, and how I feel afterward. This will be the first of many.

Probably going to rest for a couple days now and see how my body is reacting to today’s run before I attempt another one. After nearly a month of inactivity (and lots and lots and lots of chicken finger baskets and IPAs) I’m bound to be a little sore.

Update: I was so sore! My thighs and calves were so tight for days. God bless a foam roller.

Song of the run:

“7 Rings” – Ariana Grande (Yes, I’m basic. Come at me.)

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